DevOps for everyone! Basic DevOps tools


Programming languages

  • Python — one of the most popular programming languages. Python has plain syntax, lots of libraries, what makes it great language for automation tools. There are lots of guides and books, dedicated to python.
  • Go — Goland is a popular language, when we talk about famous DevOps tools like Docker, Kubernetes and Terraform. It is quite famous and easy to learn.
  • Bash — script language for most Linux distros. It’s powerful and provides you a great set of different commands with which you can flexibly control the system.
  • PowerShell — PS is a script language for Windows systems. Great replacement for CMD. PowerShell is bit familiar to Bash, so it won’t be a problem to learn them together or switch from first language to second.

CI/CD systems


App Deployment






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Artem Maksymov

Artem Maksymov


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